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Holy Spring.

The Holy Spring, which is situated near St. John the Theologian Monastery in the village of Poschupovo, is well-known beyond the borders of Ryazan district. People come here for the elixir of life every day in any season.

thumb_ist_1_1When you come to these lands you find yourself in some other world. You can breathe in the air filled with the fragrance of flowers, see the limitless expanse of the area, feel the greatness and quiet of the nature, admire the harmonious ensemble of monastery buildings with golden domes. And when they strike the bells, the chime flies far away. It flies over the Oka and fills the soul with wonderful joy.

After the divine service one hurries on down the hill to the spring through a young wood which is always full of birds’ hubbub.

Suddenly crosses over a five-domed chapel flash with gold amid the greenery and an angel is soaring with a trumpet. The heart sinks from such beauty and one involuntary crosses himself.

thumb_ist5 One bends to the spring, takes crystal cold water in a vessel, which immediately grows misted over, and takes a sip. So tasty it is! One drinks a lot of it and can’t slake his thirst. The strength seems to grow with each sip. It may be the very way Russian epical heroes got back their strength after they drank the water from the life-giving spring.


One goes further with fear and hope to the bathhouse to plunge into the water three times with prayer. The water is cold, only 4 degrees Celsius, but no one complains. A young mother with a baby in her arms plunges into the water with her head. Everybody stands still and the child, who comes up from the water, starts laughing resoundingly. The old leave their staffs and very often their illnesses after the bathe.