Богослужебный строй

Divine Service.

thumb_bogosl5The rite of Orthodox Divine service is a great gift of God to the mankind. The service of God, who tries to help man on his way to salvation, is performed through Mysteries, spiritual truths which are embodied in various high artistic verbal, musical and other forms, through the relics of saints and other relics. Transfiguring and healing Grace of God is pouring out directly and through material means onto the laymen, who honestly seek for the cure for their sinful sores. When the Divine service is celebrated, the church in all its strength and fullness becomes a place of religious inspiration.

thumb_bogosl6But the Divine service is not the speech of God, not a monologue of His directed to the mankind. It is always a dialogue in which a man is ever an active interlocutor who talks to God in his prayer. The soul of a religious man is indeed the soul of a praying man. And as far as we are given not only a soul but also a bodily form, it is common for us to strive to God with all its inner sense. The soul as well as the body of a man takes part in praying.

thumb_bogosl4Praise and thanksgiving to God and His saints, penitence, and various requests are expressed not only in words, but also in liturgical movements, rites: sacred processions, bows, signs of the cross. It is known from the experience of spiritual life that “form keeps spirit”. The rite of orthodox Divine service with al its means really “keeps”, educates and edifies man’s spirit, enlightens his dark inner world with the light of Heavenly Grace, and gradually leads him up to “the honor of the celestial dignity” – “to be an earthy angel and a heavenly man” .

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