Храмы и святыни

Churches and relics.

obitel22Among the numerous worldly distractions, which derange the soul of a person, weaken its affection for the good, there are always blessed means which help a man to turn away from this world, remind him of God and of his own high predestination. These are sacred mysteries, prayers and chants, bell-ringing, churches, roods, holy relics, holy water and chrism which are full of deep sense and the Power of God.

One may remember the following periphrasis: "if there is an icon in the house, it is cozy and warm there". It is really so. And taking into consideration a church the following words may be suitable:

A church is always some appeal
To our senses, mind and will
And when we see a church, we feel
The Grace of God that makes us kneel.
Then let us come and kiss the Rood,
And cross ourselves, protect the good.
Then let us pray for our life,
The peacefulness for which we strive.
Now listen, please, the Son of earth,
Our God is here, close to us
Eternal life is so near.
Don’t be indifferent, please, hear!
The church is our way and world
In which we face the Grace of God,
Where Eternity does stay.
Don’t be indifferent, I pray!