Information for pilgrims.


Above the entrance gate of St. John the Theologian Monastery there is a notable inscription with the words of Our Savior: “I shall not despise the one who comes to Me.” By God’s mercy many people who are looking for their daily bread come now and again to our cloister day by day. And we rejoice at God, at all the sincere pilgrims, people who make a pilgrimage to this earthy lot of the Apostle of Love – St. John the Theologian Monastery in Ryazan region. We honestly believe that their pilgrim labour will not be fruitless and they will be generously rewarded by Lord Jesus Christ and His dear disciple the Holy Apostle John the Theologian. We offer the following useful information to people who decided to come to us or to ask a question in writing or by the phone.


The Address of the cloister:


St. John the Theologian Monastery, Poshchupovo, Rybnoye district, Ryazan region, 391132 Tel. +7 (4912) 24-04-33, tel/fax: +7 (4912) 24-04-19.


E-mail and Internet:


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How to get to the monastery:


By rail: go from Kazansky station in Moscow by “Moscow-Ryazan” electric trains to “Rybnoye” station, then go from the auto station by a “Ryazan-Novosyolki” scheduled bus or by a “Ryazan-Poshchupovo” route-taxi to the route terminal to Poshchupovo.

By car: go along Moscow-Samara auto-road to Ryazan, near STSI post (short of about 20 km to Ryazan) turn to Rybnoye and Konstantinovo (road signs), then turn to Novosyolki and go along the asphalt road to Poshchupovo.