However, for this journey to be successful it is necessary for the Christian communities, which fill the cloisters and churches, to represent those ships by their nature – either within their walls, or in the world.

An experienced pilot – Our Lord with His helpers: heavenly patrons of these holy places and church authorities in the world steer them.

The mast of these ships is the teaching of the Orthodox Church. It is made of two parts: Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition of the Church. And the sails are our souls.

thumb_obitel_25_thumbIf we try to “rightly teach the word of truth”, to live under the guidance of Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition in obedience to the church authorities – our souls, sails on the mast of Orthodoxy widen, numerous sinful holes disappear. Life-giving saving wind – the Grace of the Holy Spirit fills them, and then our ship makes its journey to the Kingdom of Heaven with confidence.

The very appearance of a cloister or a church, which often resembles a ship, represents a symbol, which calls to us for inner shipbuilding,thumb_DSC_1291_thumb in other words for shaping our soul in accordance with the teachings of the Gospel and of the Holy Fathers, for the care of good sailing, the passengers and other members of the crew..


May God make our cloister and all Orthodox cloisters and churches beautiful through the kindness of souls of those who labor and those who sing, and for all the people there present, all the brethren, workers and parishioners, who form the true ship of salvation – a small boat in the flotilla of the Russian Orthodox Church. And may God make these boats sail to the eternal life successfully https://rxcare.co.uk/female-...!

thumb_1_jpg_thumbIf we have our aspiration for the main thing – to obtain the Kingdom of Heaven in our heart, God, who loves men, will give us all the rest, will give everything necessary for the life on the earth.