Наставления и рассказы

The words of Father Abel
from his talk with the brethren, which took place
in the House of the Archimandrite when he was lying
in illness on the 7th of November 2006 after the supper.


"Forgive me if I offended anyone by anything.

We must not be angry. God will ask strictly. Don’t get angry, but forgive and cover everything with love, so that God will cover us with His forgiveness.

Live in mutual love.

One may sing so well that the whole district will come to listen, but… (meaningful silence).

I especially like the 9th ikos of the acathistus to the Theotokos of Tikhvin. It is said there, that purity of soul, purity of life is more valuable than a nice voice. Take care of this purity, get it. The Theotokos likes it.

Live in purity and obedience according to your vocation.

Before doing something, think first how our Lord Jesus Christ would do it".