Archimandrite Abel. Biography.

thumb_10_Archimandrite Abel (Nikolai Nikolayevich Makedonov in the world) the future spiritual father of many people was born to a family of god-fearing peasants in Nikulichi near Ryazan on the 21st of June 1927.

On the 6th of November 1945 he was ordained to the diaconate by his spiritual father Dimitrios (Gradusov) Archbishop of Ryazan and Kasimov. On the 23rd of November 1945 he was tonsured by Father Dimitrios with the name of Abel in honor of Saint Righteous Abel.

thumb_13On the 24th of January 1947 Father Abel was ordained hieromonk and served as a curate in Gorodishchi in Rybnoye district of Ryazan region. During those several years he won special affection of the parishioners. However, he had to leave the region in twenty-four hours under the constraint of Soviet authorities.

In the February of 1950 a new period of his life started. He began his service in Yaroslavl region. Father Abel served there as a senior priest in the Church of Saint Czarevitch Demetrius in Uglich (from February till June in 1950). He was again removed from his post according to the direction of the local authorized agent of Religion Council. Then he became the senior priest of Smolenskaya Church in Feodorovskoye (from 1950 till 1955), where Sergei Novikov, future Metropolitan of Ryazan and Kasimov Simon became his spiritual son. From 1955 till 1960 he was a clergyman of Yaroslavl Cathedral.

His fervent ministration was noticed by certain Soviet authorities. A whispering campaign was organized in the local Yaroslavl press but it however did not reach its aim. Nevertheless the authorized agent of Religion Council in Yaroslavl region demanded the immediate removal of Father Abel from the ministration. The Holy Father had to leave the region.